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All prices listed on the Kitsune no Sekai Webshop are in Euros. These prices are excluding any sort of VAT. Kitsune no Sekai reserves to change the prices on items or shipping fees without prior notice. Kitsune no Sekai may not change the price after a purchase has been made unless there’s been a heavy pricing error, in which case Kitsune no Sekai reserves the right to cancel the order. You may get in touch through the Support page however so we can find a good solution!

Kitsune no Sekai accepts payments through PayPal, either by using your PayPal account or your card through PayPal. Kitsune no Sekai also accepts payments through Stripe.

Customers are expected to read through this page and any other informational page before making a purchase to make sure they are in agreements with the Kitsune no Sekai terms of agreement and conditions by using this website.

Orders are not considered complete until a full payment has been made. Kitsune no Sekai reserves the right to cancel or make changes to orders until they have been paid in full.

It is recommended to make an account on the shop, however customers may complete their order without one as well. Please use a real e-mail address to make sure you receive our correspondence.

Kitsune no Sekai will for the most part use Posten Norge AS (Norway Post) as its main shipping company. In some cases China Post or Hong Kong Post may be used if items are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Kitsune no Sekai does its best to keep the product descriptions as accurate and informative about the product as possible. This also counts for product photos, however slight differences from the final product may happen. Especially when it comes to photos seen on a computer monitor due to wrong color settings, as an example.

Kitsune no Sekai will under no circumstances sell or hand over your personal information to third parties for the purpose of sending spam. In accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you may contact us to have all personal information we have stored about you removed. Keep in mind this will make us unable to help you in the future if you have issues with a past order.

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