Pre-Purchase Help: If you have questions before you make a purchase in the shop
Post-Purchase Help: If you have questions after a purchase about your purchase
Website Malfunctions: If you find some sort of error on the website itself. This can also be spelling errors and the likes.
I have a general question: If you just have a question about something about Kitsune no Sekai.
General Feedback: For all sorts of feedback about the webshop or other Kitsune no Sekai services. You may also suggest new items which should be added to the shop here, of course.
Personal Data Request: Use this option if you want to request what sort of personal data Kitsune no Sekai have on you. You may also use this option if you want to request having your personal data removed from our systems.

Please include your order number here for reference if you need help with a purchase. This makes it easier to find the order.
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