(LAST UPDATE: JUNE 14th 2020)


Q: Do you have permission to use the art on these products?
A: Yes I do. I have contacted the artists about this and have asked for their permission. All of the art used has also been commissioned by myself and the artist receives a share of the sale for each and every item sold. So every time you buy something you also support the artist.

Q: Which artists are a part of this?
A: Batusawa | BartonDH | VicKelis | DianneDejarjayes | Tigrsasha | KARIS-Coba | Kekyi | Reivash

Q: Where is the store located?
A: Norway. Although there’s no physical store.

Q: Do you only sell through this store?
A: No. I also sell through Etsy, eBay and BOOTH.pm.

Q: Why does all of these places have different prices? Some of them are way higher!
A: Fees, fees and more fees. I recommend purchasing through the Kitsune no Sekai webshop since this is the shop I run myself where I do not have to comply with extra fees on top of fees related to transaction (PayPal & Stripe), meanwhile both Etsy and eBay have heavy fees on top of these transaction fees, 10-15% or so, perhaps even more. I keep listings on these sites in addition as a sort of advertisement. BOOTH.pm is aimed towards the Japanese audience and products listed there may be different than on this page. Pricing also reflects prices for similar items from doujin circles in Japan.


Q: What does my order status mean?
– Pending Payment: You have yet to pay for this order. Shipment will not happen until the order is paid in full
– Processing: Your order is being processed for shipment.
– Completed: Your order has been delivered to the post office for shipment.
– Refunded: Your order has been refunded. Either by request from you or because of some other reason. If you think the refund has been done due to a mistake please get in touch.
– On-Hold: Your order is on-hold while parts of it is being backordered. You can contact us if you want to split up the order and have what is in-stock shipped first, however you will be charged for shipping twice.
– Failed: Your payment did not go through. Please try again. If this problem persist you might need to get in touch with your bank. If you think this error is on our side you can get in touch with us through the support form
– Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.

Q: Can I order an item which is currently not in stock?
A: Yes, you can do this if the item you want allows for backorders. Just keep in mind that it will take longer for your item to be shipped.

Q: An item I want is both out of stock and not available for backorder, but I really want it. Is this possible?
A: Get in touch through the support form and I’ll see what I can do about it. For certain items this is not possible due to it not being feasible ordering only one, or a small quantity of it. Remember to link to the item you want.

Q: The thing I ordered arrived broken, what do I do?
A: First of all when picking it up at the post office make sure there are no damages to the packaging itself. This is to rule out postal service error, if there are damages to the packaging you must document this and make a claim with your postal service. Also get in touch with us. If the product inside is damaged but the packaging itself is all fine then get in touch with us for either a partial refund or a re-shipment. Keep in mind if you want a new item you have to send the damaged one back.

Q: I want to pre-order an item, is this possible?
A: Yes, if the product is available for pre-order you may do this. Some products will not have pre-orders and instead just be made available when ready, however.

Q: When are pre-orders paid for?
A: Pre-orders are paid in full when placing your order.

Q: I want to cancel a pre-order, is this possible?
A: It is. Get in touch through the support form. Try and make sure you really want the item before making a pre-order though.

Q: I want to return something, is this possible?
A: It is possible. Please get in touch through the support form. However keep the following information in mind about returns.
– Returnee is responsible for any and all shipping costs for the return.
– The product must be unopened and unused.
– Returnee will have to pay a 15% restocking fee upon the arrival of the returned product.
– Returnee will have 14 days to send the items in return. It is recommended to send the returned item with a tracked shipping option.
(EU&EEA ONLY) The refund will include your original shipping cost.
– Made-To-Order or customized products will not be approved for a refund.


Q: What shipping options are available?
– Letter Parcel/Envelope. This option includes an extremely limited tracking option. Unfortunately this tracking is not functional outside of Norway.
– Parcel. Includes both tracking and insurance that will show tracking outside of Norway as well. Highly recommended if you purchase several more expensive items. Sometimes even necessary due to weight limits for Letter Parcels.

Q: How long will shipping take?
A: Usually 14 or so days to most places in the world from Norway, and 7 days to European countries. This is an estimate however and it may take longer depending on how your customs officials and postal service handle packages and letters.

Q: Can I get tracking on my A-Post Priority Mail shipment?
A: Short answer, no. Long answer, yes but it is highly expensive and it is recommended to just have your purchase shipped as a Parcel instead. Adding tracking to A-Post Priority Mail is more expensive for some reason.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?
A: Most countries in the world. However Kitsune no Sekai may deny and cancel orders that has to be shipped to high risk zones and countries. Countries currently at war are an example of places where orders may be cancelled. Unfortunately countries in South-America are not allowed to purchase from the webshop due to highly corrupt postal services and a high risk of shipments disappearing.

Q: When do you send items?
A: Packages shipped from Norway will usually follow the following shipment schedule:
– Orders made and paid before Tuesdays 15:00 Central European Time are shipped on Tuesdays.
– Orders made and paid before Fridays 15:00 Central European Time are shipped on Fridays.
NOTE: Orders with products sent directly from a supplier have different shipping schedules.


Q: I purchased an acrylic keychain or acrylic stand and it looks horrible. Why?
A: You have to remove the protective plastic outside of the keychain/stand. This is added by the manufacturer to ensure that there are no scratches or damages to the acrylic surface itself. It should look much better after that! It’s pretty much the same as the protective flim/screen on new phones.

Q: I purchased a tapestry and its measurements are different than on the listing.
A: Listings and product descriptions will always have their best attempt at providing accurate information. Unfortunately sometimes there may be 1-3cm difference due to printing and cutting for products. If you notice a tapestry has a waaaay higher difference then please get in touch, however.